Do You Have a Go-To Travel Center? You Do Now!

Make us your designated rest stop in Roanoke, LA

If you travel frequently, then you know that not all travel centers are the same. You'll want to remember the convenient, clean places that make it easy to fuel up and stock up on your favorite snacks.

Petos Travel Center and Casino isn't your average rest stop in Roanoke, LA - we have a local casino, restaurant and gas station on the premises. Once you experience everything we have to offer, you'll want to stop here every time you travel along I-10.

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What makes us stand out?

Petos Travel Center and Casino is unlike any other local casino and gas station on your route. You'll appreciate that we...

Know what travelers need due to our 20+ years of experience running similar establishments
Have helped weary travelers recharge for over 11 years
Accept food stamps

Stop by today to experience our excellent service.

Not a travel stop, but a travel destination

Some places along the interstate are designed to get travelers in and out quickly. But our travel center is a destination you'll look forward to reaching.

When you visit us, you can...

Try to win big at our local casino
Eat delicious Cajun food at our local restaurant
Top off your tank at our local gas station

With friendly staff and clean facilities, it's easy to see why we're a popular choice for travelers in the Roanoke, LA area.